Artist   Statment 

I am a painter who works with real, surreal and abstract images. I work with oil on canvas, acrylic, and acrylic ink on paper. I like to paint the human figure to capture past and present moments. I like to paint musicians, and dancers because they both have the element of live sound, movement, and acting. These elements I also find in the process of film, and in photography. This makes my study’s of others documentation accessible, and available to paint and draw live.


In my thought process I start from the most intense inspiration I feel that I must deal with immediately. It may range from mental, emotional, unknown, or physical sensations. I use the techniques I have developed on my own and in my study's from teachers in painting and other arts that I have studied. Such as photography, acting, dance, & music. I apply these exercises while I am making my work so I can open up different gate ways of energy.


I like to discover how it can teach and show me new things while working with imagery and paint. I listen to music, look at pictures, watch films, and read to connect myself to the world. Even though I am making the art I am truly always celebrating. I filter what I am communicating about from myself in combination with the inspiration I get from others. I go to live music, dance, and film shows. I do sketches capturing the live animation of the performers, musicians, choreographers, and film makers. I like to go out and see who I meet in the world around me. I am always listening, watching and connecting. I follow that connection, directing the paint and the subjects to show me what is there to be seen. I like the essence of things that come from lessons in life that can be transferred into art. I listen to the sound of my heart and try to see what I am hearing. Even though it's just me working I never feel alone.

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